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Drop off/Pick up Procedures

Parents MUST pick up and drop off the children in the classrooms.  CARS NEED TO BE TURNED OFF IN THE PARKING LOT.

1.  You will need the code to get in the front doors of the center.  Only designated people will be allowed to pick up your child.

2.  Children need to be signed in and out daily using the computer system. The system uses fingerprint and password recognition.

3.  Children need to be with parents at all times for safety reasons.  Please make sure you are holding hands in the parking lot and children are not being left unattended in cars.

4.  Parents must walk children into the classroom; this includes the school age children.  Please greet a teacher when dropping off and picking up so that everyone is aware of the child’s      arrival or departure from school.

Tuition Hours/Days

Little People opens at 6:30am and pick up time is not later than 6:00pm.  If you are late picking your child up, you will be charged a late fee of $5 per minute.  At the time of pick-up, a staff member will give you a late pick-up form that will be signed by the pick-up person and staff member and given to the director.  The late payment fee is due at drop off the next day your child attends.  Families only have 4 times of late occurrences  before termination of services is discussed.

Parents will be charged for a full week of care whether the child is in attendance or not.  Holidays and snow days will also be charged.   Families are given 10 days of vacation time per year that may be used towards payments or vacations or illness.


The following days are paid holidays for Little People Day Care School.  On these days, the center will be closed, and substitute care is not provided.  If a holiday falls on a Saturday, we will be closed on Friday.  If a holiday falls on a Sunday, we will be closed on Monday.  Below is a list of closing days and early closing days:

  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve – close at 1pm
  • Christmas Day
  • New Years’ Eve – close at 1pm
  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (July 4th)

Process to Terminate Care:

Little People Day Care reserves the right to terminate care at any time for any sufficient reason, including but not limited to late payments, misbehavior, parental conduct.

You also have the right to withdraw your child from Little People Day Care at any time, for any reason.  However, Little People does require a written 2 week notice when cancelling the services or a week of tuition will be required.

Transitioning to a new classroom

Transitioning to a new classroom routinely takes place the day after Labor Day.  Some transitions may take place during  the school year and summer months if there is availability in the next classroom.  In August, we will provide information regarding the transition to the new classroom.  The children will visit the new classroom with the teachers prior to making the switch.  We encourage parents to visit the classroom and meet the teachers.


If your child is contagiously sick, you may not bring the child to school.  If your child is ill, you must find other care as we do not provide  care for sick children. These are symptoms that a child is considered contagious:

  • active sneezing or coughing
  • colored discharge from the nose
  • a sore throat with a fever and swollen glands
  • discharge from eyes or ears
  • diarrhea (2 or more watery stool in 24 hours)
  • vomiting (2 or more times in 24 hours)
  • a fever of 102 or above
  • unexplained rash

If your child is home with these symptoms, they need to be symptom free (without fever reducing medication) for 24 hours before returning  to Little People Day Care School.

Medication should be administered at home.  If medication needs to be administered at school, the following must occur:

  1. Medication MUST be in the original container, labeled with the child’s first and last name.
  2. Parent must fill in and sign medication log and give it to classroom teacher.
  3. Prescription medication will only be given to the child it is prescribed for not shared between siblings.
  4. All medication must be handed to a classroom teacher for proper storage.  Medication may not be stored  in your child’s cubby or in bags in your child’s cubby.

If you medicate your child before school, please inform a teacher at drop-off.  This simple procedure will help us if your child is acting differently during the day.


NOTE;This is not an all inclusive list of our policies.  Please refer to our parent handbook.